Releases of scikit-umfpack can be installed using pip. For a system-wide installation run:

pip install --upgrade scikit-umfpack

or for a user installation run

pip install --upgrade --user scikit-umfpack

To install scikit-umfpack from its source code directory, run in that directory (--user means a user installation):

pip install --upgrade --user .

When building from the sources, creating a site.cfg file with the [umfpack] section describing location of umfpack header files and libraries might be necessary. This file can be created next to the package’s

Example site.cfg entry for UMFPACK v5.0 (as part of UFsparse package) in <dir>:

library_dirs = <dir>/UFsparse/AMD/Lib
include_dirs = <dir>/UFsparse/AMD/Include, <dir>/UFsparse/UFconfig
amd_libs = amd

library_dirs = <dir>/UFsparse/UMFPACK/Lib
include_dirs = <dir>/UFsparse/UMFPACK/Include, <dir>/UFsparse/UFconfig
umfpack_libs = umfpack

Later versions of umfpack live in the Suitesparse package - then the [amd] section is not necessary.